I have been receiving treatments from the amazing acupuncturists at Source for several years as well as referring my own clients who have health needs that are treatable with acupuncture. My own personal experiences have proved that community acupuncture has immense benefits, is affordable, and the ability to get an appointment when needed rather than having to book way ahead of time is such a gift! I've been treated for issues from low back pain to low energy and always leave feeling much improved, although often wanting to spend the rest of the day napping and taking good care of myself. In short Simone and her hand picked team always take amazing care of me, and they'll do the same for you. Also, if you feel a cold or flu coming on get in fast and they can help stop or shorten your symptoms!!
Neille S
Google Reviewer
First, I would like to say that acupuncture WORKS! I have received treatments for hormone balancing and knee pain all at Source Empowered Wellness. My experience with acupuncture for knee pain has been amazing. Occasionally my knee will lock up and I can't bend or straighten it or put any weight on it (so painful). I literally came in on crutches one day and after 2-3 sessions I was able to walk without them! The space is very nice and the vibe is relaxing and welcoming. Everyone I have received treatment from has been incredibly professional, knowledgeable and caring... and you absolutely can't beat the price! I highly recommend this place- these people are healers!
Kelly D
Facebook Reviewer
I ❤ love, LOVE, lOvE this wonderful gem for healing my body.I see Simone and she has brought so much relief to the pain I thought I had to live with. My knees and back were pretty bad and actually making me feel defeated in ever being able to do many activity I love so much. Simone is amazingly knowledgeable and accurate with her skill. I just want to give a shout out to her and this clinic and the other practitioners . Thank you🤗
Monica U
Facebook Reviewer
In a city rich with healers and practitioners, Simone and her team are truly the most genuinely care and compassion-filled that you will find. With wisdom that they're quick to share and experience that they stand strong in, I couldn't be more thankful that they've crossed my path, and I couldn't recommend them more for assistance in whatever may be causing you dis-ease, internally and out. They aren't just looking to stock up on clients or offer false "quick fixes". Their mission is to help everyone that comes through the door to understand both their blocks and their innate abilities to heal themselves. Their motto is "make health a habit", and I fully feel that each of them are holding space to help everyone around them be more equipped to do just that.
Sam J
Google Reviewer
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