Sacred Medicine Retreat

July 14-23, 2017:  10 days/9 Nights Inclusive Journey into Truth and Health

  July 24-26th 2017: Take an Optional 2 day Adventure Tour to Machu Picchu/ Wayna Picchu

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YOU deserve to fall in love with yourself!  Your 10 days tucked in the Andean Mountains Includes:

  • 4 Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies in the Sacred Valley:  2 Ayahuasca and 2 Huachuma plus dieta plant drink of pinon morado.   You will experience authentic, impactful indigenous ceremonies based upon the wisdom of the indigenous Amazonian Shipibo and the Andean traditions.
  • Hiking in pristine Andean Mountains to collect your own wild medicinals
  • 18 Vital, organic, vegetarian meals made with love by local chefs (breakfast, dinner, plus additional snacks)
  • Excursions to cultural sites:   Pisac, and Pitusiray Medicine Mountain.  Optional Additonal 2 Day Add-on Trip includes Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu, Aguas Calientes, the ruins of Ollaytatambo
  • Alternating daily revitalizing group yoga and qi gong sessions
  • Dieta Plant: piñon morado, excellent plant for budding healers who wish to understand how energies work together in healing.
  • Flower baths for opening the heart, nui rauw, cinammon and jasmine flowers. These three plants will resonate together and work on three levels, that of the mind and heart, and to bring protection.
  • Learn to receive and give Kintu Coca blessings and Despacho by a Q’ero healer
  • Fire ceremony and temescal (sweat lodge)
  • All transport to places on itinerary and to/ from the airport
  • Shamanic drumming and musical evening ceremonies and Shamanic Cosmo-Vision + Sacred Plant Medicine: teachings from Shamans Roberto, Qori Coca, Alyssan
  • Eco-friendly, Restorative, and Beautiful Andean-style Accommodations (TV and wifi free environment)
      • Unlimited filtered Local Spring Water of the Andean Mountains
      • Flower baths / showers on-site
      • Access to the koi pond and gardens, abundance of hiking and culture around the surrounding Qoya mountains from the back door
      • On-site laundry service is available
  • Tips for our shamans,  Guides, and Transportation (value of $180)
  • All entrance fees to ruins on the itinerary
  • Optional additional healing work by talented massage therapist, acupuncture, yoga, and shamanic healers

This magical journey amidst the mystical Andean Mountains includes sacred plant medicine.  All of these plant allies have been declared to be a national heritage and cultural treasure of Peru.  They are teachers that help you unravel the past and delve deeper into the path of healing work and celebration of life. Acupuncture and yoga support the spirits of the Sacred Plants during this retreat as they channel you into your heart space, revealing  the deep subtle energies of our body and how we can interweave these energies with the reality that surrounds us.  You will leave this experience having a deeper knowing of yourself beyond judgement and beyond the past.  You will visit the state of awe as you breathe among ancient ruins and the majestic mountains of the valley.  This awe will inspire you to connect with nature from the inside out and to tap into the source of life in the universe as we know it – the great Earth Mother, Pachamama.
Please contact Simone with any questions.   Anyone interested will be sent a questionnaire and/ or speak with Simone via phone in regards to your individual journey.  A FAQ page, answering most common questions, will be sent upon deposit.  All participants are asked to fill out a questionnaire and registration form that includes medical history – some medical conditions exclude involvement.




Schedule is subject to change

Day 1 : Pick up at airport. Orientation and Temascal (Andean Sweat Lodge) with coca ceremony, first dieta drink.

Day 2 :  Medicine Mountain 5 hour Hike:   Pitusiray, a mountain that symbolizes the power of unconditional love and the mythic partner or soul mate.  While on this mountain, we will harvest wild medicinals beneficial for your specific needs.  It is recommended you train by hiking or running at altitude as we will be around 10-12,000ft high.  You will be provided coca which will also be helpful.  We will climb to the lagoon below its peak and wild harvest medicinals for your own constitution.   A small dose of Huachuma or a complete dose of Coca to bring visions and deeper levels of consciousness.  Drum Trance Workshop with acupressure lessons.

Day 3 : Yoga.  Pisac temple, Inti Huatana, and market visit in morning on the way to temple. Picnic lunch. Orientation in ruins.

Huachuma Ceremony

Day 4 : Qi Gong and Group Acupuncture.  Plant baths and integration, lunch. Andean chakra activation. Second dieta drink

Day 5 : Yoga and meditation, no breakfast, early brunch. Andean chakra activation. Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 6 : Yoga.  Plant baths, integration, lunch. Andean chakra activation. Third diet drink.

Day 7 : Yoga and meditation, no breakfast, early brunch. Optional hike. Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 8 : Plant bath, integration, lunch. Time for reiki, massage, and/or acupuncture.  River clean up/ Seva Project for the Local Peruvians

Day 9 : Huachuma all day.

Day 10 : Breakfast and integration, lunch.  Farewells.


YOU Deserve to Fall in LOVE with Yourself!

Upon interest, we will call you to discuss the retreat and see if this experience fits your needs.  Please note that the hike to Pitusiray and Wayna Picchu is at elevation and requires a moderate level of fitness.  We recommend you train your lungs prior to the trip.  Anyone with heart conditions or who may be pregnant will be advised to seek another retreat experience.  People taking SSRI’s can join us for the Machu/ Wayna Picchu trip only.  Sacred Dimension is home to a couple very friendly healers in the form of dogs and cats and a duck (who thinks it’s a dog!) who all enjoy helping people in their process.

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Your Healing Investment

A non-refundable deposit of $950 paid in full by May 1st.

$2995 for shared occupancy (dorm style rooms)

$3,100 for  semi-private room (1-2 other beds in the room)

$3500 for Double or Single Occupancy Private



Optional 2 Day Add-on for Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu

$425 per person, including one lunch and all transport and fees to the ruins.

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Additional Cost:

Terms and Conditions


To reserve your spot on the Sacred Medicine Retreat, you agree to pay a non-refundable deposit of $950 paid in full by May 1st.   If you are adding the Machu Picchu trip, you are required to include the $425 in the deposit and it is also non-refundable.  The remainder of the payment is due by May 29th.   There is a 10% discount for anyone who wishes to pay in full by May 1st.  Payment plans to pay the remaining balance can be arranged with prior communication with Simone.


The deposit is non-refundable – however should you cancel your reservation 60 days or more before the start of the retreat, you may apply your deposit toward another Source Empowered Wellness Retreat occurring within 12 months from the date of the initial retreat that you registered for.  We cannot guarantee a retreat will be scheduled within 12 months’ time.


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