July 24-26th: 2 Day Additional Machu and Wayna Picchu Trip   $425

This additional trip includes a stop in Ollaytaytambo and a train ride into Agua Calientes, at the base of the ruins.  Lodging will be arranged for that night – Aguas Caliente is a fun place to roam.  It’s an early evening as we’ll wake at 5am to take the bus up to the ruins.  You will have access to Wayna Picchu, the lesser traveled neighboring mountain and sacred temples and trails overlooking Machu Picchu, as well as Machu Picchu.  A picnic lunch will be included the day of our journey into the temple ruins.  Transport back to Cusco is also included.


Payment of $425 is due in full by Feb 1st.   Save your spot NOW


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