6 ways Micro and Nano-Dermal Needling Can Help you Shine your Beauty

Microdermal Needling Session

Without question, we feel you are truly beautiful inside AND out!

But sometimes there’s just that area of wrinkles or age spots that makes us feel a little less than our most beautiful.

So how do we fully embrace our outward beauty to match what we feel or wish to feel inside?

Sometimes we get too busy with the stuff of life and then look in the mirror and realize that age is happening. Age is 100% beautiful AND who doesn’t wanna feel like you’re aging gracefully? Unfortunately, the “ungraceful” part can often be the situation especially if we’ve been living life in the fast lane.

That was the case for our client Emily, who has rocked her career and is full steam ahead. After her divorce, she found that she really wanted to revitalize the way she felt in her body. She was less than happy with her complexion and crows feet around the eyes and wrinkles around her mouth, and was tired of spending big on the many creams and other things she had heard about.

When Emily showed up for dates, she just didn’t feel in her sexy. And that was enough for her to start to depreciate who she was inside and how she showed up outside. Everything changed when she tried a course of Micro and nano-dermal needling at Source.

Micro and nano-dermal needling, also known as collagen induction therapies, are fairly new (since 1905), but both these techniques stem from a long tradition of other similar needling techniques for not just beauty care, but also longevity care in Ancient China.

There are over 40 acupuncture points just in the head and neck area! These channels connect to the same channels running throughout your body and help to increase your overall health and vitality.

No wonder we (in Chinese Medicine terms) say the heart and spirit expresses itself in your face!

This procedure is used to address wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, rough or uneven skin texture, pore size, age spots, stretch marks and more. We also combine this powerful treatment with red LED light therapy which increases collagen reproduction by 200% and helps with DNA repair.

Micro-dermal needling involves an electric pen that oscillates a set of needles through the surface layers of the skin. Nano-dermal needling is a bit different because no needles are used – this is what estheticians can do but it is not near as highly collagen and elastin producing. It is perfect for addressing puffiness under the eyes or using over more sensitive parts of the face and we can do this service for you as well.

This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and we include acupuncture body points and LED light therapy.

Micro and nano-dermal needling help you do just that and are an ALL-natural and minimally invasive procedure to effectively boost elastin and collagen up to 1000% after just one treatment!

These are the 6 specific reasons why Micro-dermal needling can beautifully and loving shift your sense of well-being and attraction from mediocre to spectacular:

1) Effectively boost elastin and collagen up to 1000% after just one treatment!

2) An average 206% increase in collagen and up to 1,000% increase in collagen production after a single treatment.

3) You can say goodbye to baggy and puffy eyes

4) We carry Lumos, an algae-based and all natural serum to address melanin issues like age spots

5) A possible 140% increase in epidermal thickness.  Patients describe an average of 80% improvement in post-burn scars with micro-needling.

6) 3000% more product absorption – which is why we use only the BEST lab-tested apple stem serum and hyaluronic acid


Microdermal Needling Package