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Digestive Health & Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture can be effective for weight control because excess weight can be caused by disturbed energy flow to and from the hypothalamus located in your brain. The hypothalamus regulates your hormones and other chemicals that work to regulate thirst and hunger.  The needles also stimulate the adrenal glands to balance our stress hormones and give us more energy and “digestive fire” which leads to a higher metabolism. 

With more naturally available energy, a person can slowly wean themselves off the sugar and caffeine highs that eventually leave one drained and addicted to those substances for energy.  Often there is also an emotional component desiring to be healed with more mindfulness.  There are specific acupuncture points that harmonize our emotions and calm the spirit that are very helpful in addressing the cravings and “emotional eating”.  Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, or the “feel-good” chemicals that are proven to curb cravings.

Many overweight people start healthy diets but have difficulty in suppressing their appetite. Acupuncture stimulates the auricular branch of the vagal nerve and raises serotonin levels, both of which have been shown to increase tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach, thus suppressing appetite.  Certain points can be hooked up to an electrical stimulation machine which runs a small painless current through the needles to tone the stomach muscle.  Overeating stretches the stomach over time, requiring a person to eat more to feel full. Regular treatments have been shown to help tone and shrink the stomach muscle naturally so one feels full faster.

Acupuncture is widely recognized as an effective treatment for many digestive ailments:

  • Weight management
  • Eating disorders
  • GI disorders: Crohn’s, IBS
  • Chronic constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Acid reflux
  • Ulcers
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Diabetes
  • Hyper and Hypothyroid disorders

The Treatment Plan:

Acupuncture for weight loss can help curb cravings and boost metabolism. We recommend a minimum of 6-8 treatments, coming twice a week to anchor gut harmony. As long as symptoms are improving, treatments can be then decreased to once a week, and then once a month for tune-ups. Chinese herbs are also a hugely beneficial tool if you have any pre-existing inflammation, thyroid issues, diabetes, or other digestive conditions that need further attention.

*Results always vary from person to person depending on lifestyle, age, and constitution. Any all-natural method requires your personal commitment to lifestyle changes and a positive attitude. And the side effects are all positive too: increased energy and enhanced mood, better circulation, decreased cravings, better sleep – the list goes on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncture is part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), dating back over 3,000 years ago.  In TCM, pain can be seen as too much or not enough of something (ie. energy, blood, fluids) in an area.  Mindfully placed needles harmonize these elements so they move where they need to be and inspire your body’s own natural healing mechanisms.  Pain is reduced physiologically: Acupuncture blocks pain receptors in the brain while releasing endorphins (natural pain blockers) and serotonin (natural mood enhancers).  It increases circulation to the area being treated, lowering inflammation. Acupuncture also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, in which healing and relaxation responses are elevated. For this reason, most patients report a significant improvement in stress, anxiety, and fatigue and often will nap during a treatment.  Source Empowered Wellness uses sterile, disposable needles that are as thin as a human hair so you feel no pain!

Just come in!  Your initial visit may be a little longer than follow-up sessions since you will have a one-on-one initial consult with a Licensed Acupuncturist.  Please allow for 60-75 minutes for your first visit. Follow up sessions can take from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on how long you would like to stay. 

  • Wear loose clothing that can be moved to access hands to elbows and feet to knees.  Avoid wearing a dress in case we need to access abdominal points.

  • Bring a translator (friend or family) if you believe there will be a communication barrier.

  • Eat 30 mins to an hour before your treatment.  You need energy to move energy.  Also, please avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine prior to treatment.

We recommend a minimum of a once a week session to work on most health issues.  Your acupuncturist will be able to give you a personalized treatment plan with frequency.  Generally you can see a difference for acute conditions immediately and within 4-6 treatments the change anchors.  Chronic conditions may take up to 6-10 treatments.  All treatment efficacy depends on the person’s age, lifestyle, and genetic factors.  To avoid causing discomfort of pressing on tender local areas where you are experiencing an issue, we may use points in the hands, feet, ears and head to treat problems anywhere in the body.   We will always take time to discuss anything new, to see how you’re progressing, and find out how you feel about the treatments. 

It cuts costs for you and you can bring your friends and family! Source Empowered Wellness has created a sanctuary to heal, and to drop into a deep seat of calm.  We primarily use zero-gravity chairs arranged in a large, quiet, and soothing space.  Treating patients in a community setting has many benefits:

  • Friends and family members can get treated together.

  • Many patients find it comforting and reinforcing to be a part of a community.

  • The power of intention and healing is very powerful when done in a group.

For those who prefer their own room and privacy, there are limited individual appointments each week in our cozy private treatment room.  Please contact us for more information.


Due to our already reduced pricing, we do not bill insurance.  If you have insurance that covers acupuncture, we’ll be happy to give you a payment receipt and ICD-10 code that you can submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  • $40 Community Acupuncture Treatment in our Healing Lounge (45-60 min.) $5 initial processing fee for first visit

  • $60 for 55 min Private Room Acupuncture Treatment.  $10 initial processing fee for first visit

  • Heat Lamp, E-stim, Moxa, Auricular Needles and seeds are included in all treatments as needed

  • $10 Cosmetic Acupuncture: added to a traditional acupuncture session.  Included in our packages.
  • $20 for Cupping.
  • BEST DEALS:  Treatment Plans save you money and include cosmetic acupuncture.   If you are a new patient, ask about our $180 special for your first month of unlimited acupuncture in the healing lounge. 

For those who prefer their own room and privacy, there are limited individual appointments each week in our cozy private treatment room.  Please contact us for more information.

We want you to come in often enough to really get better and stay better! One primary intention is to make acupuncture available to you as often as you need it. 

$35 treatments are offered to students and military.

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