Digestive Health & Weight Loss

Acupuncture is widely recognized as an effective treatment for many digestive ailments:

  • weight management

  • eating disorders

  • GI disorders: Crohn's, IBS

  • chronic constipation and/or diarrhea

  • acid reflux

  • ulcers

  • hemorrhoids

  • diabetes

  • Hyper and Hypothyroid disorders

Does Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight?

At Source Empowered Wellness, we often get asked if acupuncture can help one lose weight. The answer is yes and it’s a holistic method that harmonizes your whole body.  Any all-natural method requires your personal commitment to lifestyle changes and a positive attitude.  And the side effects are all positive too:  increased energy and enhanced mood, better circulation, decreased cravings, better sleep – the list goes on!  Read the FULL Article here.


The Treatment Plan

 If you are looking to slim down and feel vibrant, we have the best comprehensive and effective package for you! We are have partnered with TLS® Select Weight Loss Solution to bring you the ultimate solution.

Take our 21 day Challenge and you will shed pounds FAST, naturally, safely, and PERMANENTLY:

  • 2 Thirty Minute Acupuncture Sessions a week
  • TLS® Select Weight Loss Solution:   clinically supervised, customizable, science-based program designed doctors and dietitians. TLS Select combines low-glycemic- impact eating, body composition, supplementation, and education — offering extensive weight loss plans to help you achieve weight
    management goals.You will not JUST lose weight in the short term. TLS Select gives you the tools to transform your life and lose weight permanently!