Beauty In Mind, Body, and Spirit

Do you desire to look more radiant and feel more physically balanced?  


Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments are gaining popularity in Hollywood and around the world – even Kim Kardashian benefits regularly from this effective procedure.  Cosmetic Acupuncture is an effective, natural, and safe way to brighten the skin, reduce age spots, lift sagging areas, and fill in wrinkles.  Each session at Source Empowered Wellness includes body points which in addition to the facial points, can also help to clear sinuses, boost energy, restore healthy sleeping patterns, lose weight, de-stress the mind/ body/ spirit, regulate hormones, reduce acne, improve digestion and immunity.


Acupuncture is part of a holistic medicine called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which regards beauty in the multi-dimensional lens of mind, body, and spirit.  By treating the skin, we also encourage the radiance of your spirit and clarity of your mind to shine through into your life as well.


How does it work?


The skin is our largest organ and it reveals a lot about the state of our internal health. TCM also considers the skin and especially the face, as a way to discern certain physical traits that reveal which organs are constitutionally your strongest and which systems may need more balancing.  For instance, people with large thick eyebrows and/or large eyes tend to have large livers and tend to be athletic but also tend to have more need for balancing the liver.

The body has a natural healing mechanism when something foreign, like a needle, enters the skin.  In addition to stimulating endorphins which create the “runner’s high” response and white blood cells to repair tissues, the needles locally increase production of collagen and elastin giving you smoother, plumper skin.

Plan an hour your first session and then at least 30 minutes for recurring sessions.  One of our compassionate and experienced Acupuncturists will do a consultation to review your wellness goals and then one usually rests with the needles for at least twenty minutes.  Most people fall into a deep sleep which helps the renewal process.  Herbal Medicine is also helpful to address underlying issues related to skin and beauty and can be prescribed by the practitioner as well.

Just as your skin has many layers, the treatment process unfolds in within multiple Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions.  Successful results rely on a personal commitment of at least treatment a week for a minimum of six weeks. The speed and scope of results are also dependent on diet, lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, and stress.

  •   In 6 treatments most patients can start seeing visible changes in their face.  The face has a glow to it and skin begins to get firmer.

  •   In 12 treatments wrinkles and fine lines start plumpen and is noticeably lifted.

  •   In 24 treatments the treatments should have max effect.  Deeper lines fill in and the muscles reset in their new lifted and firmer position.

Studies show that results last 3-4 years after 24 treatments without maintenance.  Acupuncture naturally trains the body to redirect natural resources to the face while strengthening the muscles to keep the facial structure youthful.  A monthly follow-up can keep this maintenance longer.


Facial Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy is a paralysis or weakness of the muscles on one side of your face, due to the damaged by inflammation to the facial nerve. The facial nerve controls a wide range of functions that include: blinking and closing the eyes, raising the eyebrows, smiling and frowning. We can use facial acupuncture to help alleviate the symptoms that occur from Bell’s Palsy: difficulty closing the eye on the affected side of your face, drooling, excessive tearing or a dry eye, loss of ability to taste, pain in or behind your ear, numbness in the affected side of your face, increased sensitivity to sound. The sooner and more regular (a couple times a week) one comes in since onset of symptoms, the more effective acupuncture can be to eliminate the paralyzing effects.


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