Addiction Detox and Weight Loss with Acupuncture
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Addiction Detox and Weight Loss with Acupuncture

NADA Ear diagram (1)

Did you know there is a specific protocol for helping people detox and to address addiction?  This highly effective protocol consists of five points in the ear, called NADA, usually applied bilaterally.  Check out the photo for the exact points and what they do.


We recommend that people rest with the needles for 30-45 minutes two to three times a week for the first 8-10 treatments.  This kind of treatment is super effective for helping people navigate withdrawal symptoms from heavy drug substances, alcohol, foods, nicotine, and has also proven to aide with allergies and emotional trauma.  People experience improved sleep, less cravings, decreasing irritability and reprieve from some of the emotional issues that may have contributed to the addiction.  When used for treatments for weight loss, other body points can be added to further boost metabolism.


Remember when addressing addiction, we find acupuncture detox is an effective complimentary therapy to ease the journey to full recovery.  One should also seek professional counseling to further process the emotional blockages that may be stopping one from moving forward.

For more information on acupuncture detoxification, visit NADA’s site at


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