Acupuncture Scar Therapy (1)

Scars can be treated with Acupuncture Scar Therapy with local painless and sterile needles.  Whether for cosmetic reasons or to relieve pain, acupuncture scar therapy is an extremely effective and all natural way of resolving the trauma to the dermal layers.


The scars that seem to cause the most complication are post-surgical.  Women who have had mastectomies,  hysterectomies, C-sections, etc tend to have large scars that can block energy and blood flow to organs and to the surrounding tissue.  Other kinds of problematic scars include any other abdominal scar, back surgery, knee surgery, wrist surgery, and bone surgery scars.


These large and often thick scars are not just what you see on the surface – they actually form this thick fibrous scar tissue all the way through the body where the surgery occurred and usually pull on the surrounding tissues, causing side effects.  The most common side effect is pain but there can also be a decrease of organ function such as constipation or frequent urination, or improper function, like acid reflux.


You will notice a decrease in the pain usually with the first treatment of acupuncture scar therapy.  It may take 6-10 sessions, coming twice a week, for full benefits to anchor int he body and for a reduction of the appearance of the scar.  If the scar is very old, the reduction in appearance may not be as extreme but you will still feel alleviation of complicating symptoms.

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