This is the ultimate acupuncture for weight loss program.  Stop wasting time on diets and weight loss plans that don't work. Try Source's ULTIMATE 21-Day Transformation Program and get the results you’ve always wanted. This is the only program in San Diego offering PROVEN herbal supplements with clinical supervision and acupuncture.


How Does This Signature System Work?

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W e have partnered with TLS Select to bring you a customizable, science-based program designed and implemented by your healthcare provider to fit you and your unique lifestyle. Your Acupuncturist and provided health coach will help you learn about low-glycemic-impact (GI) eating, body composition, supplementation and education, supplying everything you’ll need to get fit and trim. This comprehensive approach will assist you with achieving your weight management goals and leading a new, healthy lifestyle.

While your healthcare provider will customize the program to meet your unique needs, it generally starts with four basic components.

No, this challenge is not for everyone.  We are not supporting any quick tricks or gimmicks - that's just not the Source way!  We would rather teach you how to fish than give you a fish for a day - and that's what this program is about; we have designed this 21 day program combining acupuncture, nutraceuticals, and education to teach you how to change your lifestyle and find gut harmony so you can lose weight naturally.

And though the process is simple, it may not be easy.  Change is often not easy - but when you know you can feel great and look great, the challenge is WAY worth it!  And you'll have one-on-one support every step of the way with exclusive access to our private facebook group and a health coach, recipes, bi-weekly acupuncture, and top-quality nutraceuticals.

1. LOW-GLYCEMIC-IMPACT EATING: Eating low-GI foods assists your body with fat loss and supports your blood sugar and
2. BODY COMPOSITION: We emphasize fat loss and lean muscle maintenance, because muscle dictates metabolism.
3. EDUCATION: Your healthcare provider will teach you how to get weight loss results with numerous resources and tools.
4. SUPPLEMENTATION: Our scientifically developed supplements address different processes in your body to accelerate your
weight loss.

5. ACUPUNCTURE: Bi-weekly acupuncture is proven to speed metabolism and boost organ function.  Any inflammatory issues in the gut will also be relieved so you not only feel better but absorb more nutrients.


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Acupuncture and E-stimulation

Painless, hair-thin sterile needles are placed along energy lines in your body to stimulate your body's natural healing mechanisms to produce profound and long-lasting benefit.  Bi-Weekly treatments, combined with e-stimulation, decreases inflammation and increases blood flow, metabolism,  and function of the digestive tract.



We provide scientifically developed weight management supplements designed to support your custom weight loss effort: from burning stubborn fat to increasing metabolism. Each formula addresses different processes in your body that cause you to gain weight or hinder your weight loss efforts.


Low GI Diet

Low-glycemic index (GI) foods help keep blood sugar levels stable. When you have stable blood sugar levels, you experience improved energy, sleep, stress reaction and, most importantly, fat burning capability. Low-glycemic eating has also been shown to be superior for weight loss and weight management, cardiovascular health and more.


Fast, Effective, Safe, Supervised, Customized

We believe acupuncture for weight loss should be simple. Our lives are stressful enough without adding in complicated weight loss regimes — getting in shape should be straightforward and achievable for everyone.

Our 21 Day Challenge is designed for maximum weight loss. Very few programs include acupuncture for weight loss, which is proven to help speed metabolism and decrease inflammation in the gut.

This challenge includes two phases: Phase 1 is a cleanse — a fresh start for your body that prepares it for the second step. Phase 2 is the fat-burning phase, where fat and inches are lost.

You will have a guide book and meetings with a health coach to keep you on track.  Use our simple and straightforward guide to change your life, today.  Results may vary from person to person.

Are you READY to lose weight naturally, safely, and PERMANENTLY?  

Your Kit Includes:

  • Step-by- step guide
  •  7-Day cleansing System
  •  3 weight loss supplements
  •  2 cans of nutrition shake
  •  Shaker bottle
  • Daily tracking sheets
  •  6 Bi-weekly Acupuncture Sessions
  •  Group weight loss coaching by weight loss experts
  •  Health guide and 12-week weight loss journal
  • Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Group
  •  Exercise instructions
  •  Meal plans, food lists, and recipes
  •  Educational videos (online)

Invest in Your Health and Lose Weight Naturally

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* Results may vary from person to person.