Our Story

We are proud to offer unparalleled acupuncture sessions at affordable prices so you can not just get well but stay well.  Our master-level licensed Acupuncturists are skilled pain management specialists and have successfully served thousands of people with conditions ranging from not just pain, but also reproductive health, digestive disorders, chronic conditions and mental- emotional issues.

When Simone began treating people in 2013, she couldn't afford acupuncture herself.  She also noticed many of her private clients stopped getting the dosage of acupuncture needed to get better because it was cost prohibitive.  After working at a community clinic, she realized this model was a loving and effective way of offering this highly demanded service at a price people can afford without jeopardizing quality of service and results.  Plus, studies have shown that healing benefits are magnified when in a group setting!

What is Community Acupuncture?

We treat multiple people in a calming, safe, and clean healing space.  This cuts cost for you.  Treatments can be as low as $23 a session.  Generally, you can anchor a change for acute conditions in 4-6 treatments.  Chronic conditions may take 6-10 treatments to see a change.  We encourage prevention of illness and invite you to treat yourself for monthly attunements to stay well.

Meet the Team

We strive to be the best place to receive your wellness services in San Diego!  We owe it to our team for providing amazing customer service and cutting edge techniques within the scope of our medicine to fit your needs.


Dr. Simone Ressner

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

Inspired by her own healing journey after an excursion in India in 2007, Simone started teaching  various styles of yoga and learning Chinese Medicine in San Diego.  She believes the complexity of the world is vastly requiring the holistic integration of the wheels of healing arts that are available to us today.  After studying with shamans and reiki masters on her seven month sojourn through Central and South America in 2013, she now skillfully incorporates Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, massage, reiki, and shamanic healing into her practice with wonderful results.  Fueled by her passion for the power of collective healing, she birthed Source Empowered Wellness Center to aid people on their path to establishing health as a lifestyle.  She believes it is everyone's right to affordable holistic and natural care.

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Jarrod Ildesa, L.Ac.



Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Jarrod has always been actively involved in sports and had an interest in alternative medicine. He first learned Transcendental Meditation in Berkeley when he was 15 and continues to practice today along with Qi Gong. After working in Silicon Valley, he moved to San Diego to pursue his Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine. He believes strongly that an integrated approach to health is the wisest choice as this is a Golden Age when we can benefit from the knowledge of both Eastern and Western cultures. He has specialized in pain relief the last 6 years and is also adept at treating fertility, insomnia and autoimmune issues. Along with Acupuncture, he often offers lifestyle modifications and Eastern Nutrition advice. In his free time, he enjoys playing hoops with his 13 yo son, training Aikido and Dragon Boating.

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Dr. Nicole Pfingst



Nicole earned her Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and completed the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine program in 2018.  She has treated patients at the UCSD Owen clinic, SD Project Grace, and the Family Recovery Center in Oceanside.  While she has experience treating a variety of conditions, she is especially interested in using Chinese Medicine to help patients with anxiety, pain management, and sleep issues.  She believes that acupuncture and lifestyle choices are integral to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

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Other Wellness Services at Source

We are honored to be a "One-Stop-Shop" for your wellness needs.  There is a chiropractor in the building who takes walk-in clients. And we currently have the following amazing services you can book through us: NLP and Hypnotherapy, Ayurveda, Physical Therapy and Biomat, Massage, and Reiki.