The 5 Keys to a Naturally Youthful Face

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We can spend so much on creams and products that claim to possess the keys to a youthful ageless face but the reality is that these treatments are not only costly but usually contain chemicals and harmful substances that overtime create other problems and can even dry out the skin.  Let’s not even talk about Botox which is a toxic substance that merely paralyzes the skin!  The skin is your largest organ and helps greatly to detoxify the body as well as protect you – adding harmful agents can greatly decrease its ability to do so.

You can naturally heal and revitalize the skin by incorporating the following habits:

1.  Drink lots of water!
I know, I know… we’ve heard this so many times but seriously your body is over 70% water and the main reason for aging is dehydration.  Add a sprinkle of sea salt and diatomaceous earth to enrich your water with electrolytes and minerals that will help you retain water in the cells of your body.  If you carry a small water bottle, upgrade to a bigger one to remind you of this goal.

2.   Herbs and Oils
Your body needs cholesterol to regenerate and create new cells in the body as well as to regulate and create hormones – these come from eating and cooking with healthy fats like avocado oil, coconut oil, and safflower oil.  Avoid cooking high temperature with olive oil which will make the oil rancid.  Some of these oils are great for the skin topically too!  Add in some herbs and you’ve got homemade creams.  There are many blood moving  hydrating and blood cleansing herbs that rejuvenate the skin topically and orally.  Take frankincense for instance which is an amazing cell rejuvenator!  If you’re looking for a therapeutic grade essential oil you can ingest as well, we suggest doTERRA- beware of ingesting oils that are not therapeutic as these are hepatotoxic!  Spend the extra couple bucks and get quality for results.

3.  BE happy!
Sounds simple but living a stress-free life isn’t – stress creates a chemical soup in your body that can further accentuate wrinkles on your face.  But the actual cause of our wrinkles are really our emotions and the expressions created from them.  Remember when your Mom said to change your frown or it will freeze that way?  Well, in a way she’s right – your muscles have memory and will begin to form patterns of skin on the surface.  Did you know that there is a whole system to reading those wrinkles – its’s fascinating and super accurate!  Take a few moments to breathe and smile every day and reverse some of the worry lines.

4.  Diet and Lifestyle
Chinese Medicine is largely based on the 5 element theory – in fact, all ancient and wise cultures share this system of categorizing the way things work according to the natural elements around us.  Your body is constitutionally dominated by one or more of these elements.  Eating a diet that supports your particular body is important and so is exercises that meet your needs.  Ask your acupuncturist what these are for you next time you come in.

5.  Acupuncture Facials
Did you know that many famous people are using acupuncture facials?  Take beautiful Kim Kardashian – and it’s been featured on Oprah and the Dr. Oz show for it’s efficacy.  These tiny painless needles lift the dermal layers so fresh oxygen and blood can recirculate, breaking up scar tissue and stimulating collagen and elastin.  Natural medicine takes some time but it is safe and the only side effects is that you have more energy, sleep better, digest better, and overall become more balanced.   We recommend you come in 2-3 times a week for 6-10 treatments for the best results and then you may come in monthly for maintenance.