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Natural Treatment for Allergies

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Natural Treatment for Allergies

Written by Sam Jump

Though we don’t experience the extremes of the changing of the seasons the way much of the country does, San Diego residents aren’t exempt from the menacing symptoms of seasonal allergies.


What are allergies, anyway?

Allergies are the body’s innate reaction to abnormal external substances that are mistaken for dangerous body invaders. That response involves the release of histamine, which naturally occurs in cases of injuries, allergies and inflammation, causing contraction of the smooth muscles and dilation of capillaries. With symptoms that vary from person to person including watery eyes, wheezing and a drippy nose, allergies leave many quickly seeking solace.


We’re all aware of the seemingly endless medications on the market that offer temporary relief, but what if we told you that there’s an option that can offer a permanent solution?


“What’s that option?” you ask. Why, acupuncture, of course!


Acupuncture is a more productive option than the go-to over the counter meds because of the way it maintains vital energy flow through the meridians of the body. Meridians are channels that serve everything from organs, muscles and nerves to, you guessed it….the immune system!


Encouraging energy to flow helps to clear the channels that allergies block, bringing balance back to immunity. Acupuncture does this by placing thin needles along meridian paths, which reduce histamine release from cells and calm the reactive defense of the body.


Symptoms of seasonal allergies

Runny or stuffy nose


Watery and itchy eyes

Stomach upsets

Postnasal drip

Ear congestion and ringing

Irritated throat, sinuses and ear canals

Acid reflux

Skin Rashes

Allergies are treatable; you need not to worry.

Routine acupuncture sessions for allergies is what you need. For quality and professional services for your allergies book an appointment with Source Empowered Wellness.


Our wellness center offers a free consultation for any of your health issues. With our qualified and licensed acupuncturists, allergies will be a history for you before long.


How long does the acupuncture procedure take to treat allergies?

Plan an hour for your first visit and 30-45 minutes for follow ups.  We recommend coming twice a week for the first six sessions and then we assess the frequency of treatment needed from there, usually lowering down to monthly maintenance.


The effects of acupuncture in most cases easily last up to 12 months…no toll taken by pharmaceuticals necessary!


So breathe easy  🙂

Call or stop by to chat with one of our highly qualified acupuncturists at Source Empowered Wellness today!