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Ongoing Events

Join us EVERY 1st Tuesday for Sacred Sound Journeys: Rae Irelan artfully sends you into vibrational meditation and bliss with her crystal bowls.

Become a Member!  You get a $15 sound healing -  Who doesn't love that?

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Free Meditation Thursdays

Every Thursday 6:45p-8p Join Pacific Seaside Sangha in a free guided meditation.  Tea and snacks are provided.  Loving donations are accepted.


Contact us about renting the 1300 sft space for your event/ workshop.   contact us

acufacial wkshop

April 7th:  All Natural Spa Day

Price:  Members get $5 off; please email or call.

Otherwise, the first eight people can register for $45 and the tier two pricing is $60 after that so reserve your spot now - space is limited to 20. Register here

Back by popular demand! We live in a toxic world - why use products on your largest detoxifying organ (your skin) that are also toxic? Learn to make amazing DIY toners and moisturizers and get info on your specific TCM elemental constitution so you can understand what the lines on your face are trying to tell you - change the story you are writing on the face!

Workshop includes:

  • Facial Acupuncture
  • Overview of the 5 Elements including quizzes to see which element is dominant for you - learn the diet and lifestyle hacks best for your element
  • Herbal tonics and essential oil samples that you can use topically and orally for healthy skin
  • A lot of fun!
Reiki Practitioner Training-2

Reiki Trainings with Flow Shakti

Reiki Practitioner Training   Levels 1 & 2

Level 1: February 26th, 2-6pm

Level 2: March 26th, 2-8pm plus a 2 hour Private Mentorship Session

Sign up for one or both! Register for both trainings and receive $50 off.

Source Empowered Wellness Members receive 20% off trainings!

These trainings are limited to 12 students each, so sign up soon to secure your space.

Do you want to enhance your own intuition, accelerate your personal healing journey and amplify your ability to heal yourself and others? Join our Reiki Practitioner Trainings!

Reiki is a powerful, natural, effective, profound yet simple form of energy healing. It is both a hands on and distance healing modality.


-Increases Vitality

-Accelerates Healing

-Reduces Stress and Anxiety

-Releases Blockages and Trauma

-Balances Emotions

-Reduces Pain

-Contributes to overall wellbeing

and more…


Reiki 1: Reiki Practitioner in Training

February 26th 2-6pm: $175

- Learn the history and fundamentals of Reiki
- Learn how to channel the Level 1 energy

- Learn the Self-Healing process

- Experience group meditation
- Enhance your psychic intuition

- Get hands on experience working with classmates

- Receive your Reiki 1 Attunement

After your Reiki 1 Training, Attunement and Certification you are considered a Practitioner in Training.

This training certificate allows you to practice on yourself and those closest to you (pets too!). Reiki 2 certification is required to be considered a Reiki Practitioner.


Reiki 2: Certified Reiki Practitioner

March 26th 2-8pm, plus a private 2 hour Reiki Mentorship Session to follow: $375

- Learn the Level 2 Reiki symbols

- Learn how to ground, prepare and clear your own energy as a Practitioner

- Experience Reiki group meditations

- Enhance your intuition

- Gain Reiki business information and guidance

- Learn the full body Reiki Treatment protocol

- Learn about the Chakras and Chakra Balancing

- Receive your Reiki 2 Attunement

- Practice giving full Reiki treatments to other students

After your Reiki 2 Training. Attunement and personal Mentorship Session you will officially be a Reiki Practitioner able to see patients, start your own Reiki business or incorporate Reiki into your current work.

Learn More about Flow at

To Register for one or both of these trainings, please follow the Eventbrite link to make your non-refundable deposit. You will then be contacted by Flow Shakti by email to finish your registration process.


Upcoming Transformational Journeys


REtreat to Borneo: REveal & REwild May26- June2 2017

We've tapped into 5,000 years of Ancient Healing Arts and Human Codes of Compatibility to deliver you a way to freedom, joy, and the capacity of youth.  Join us for this unforgettable transformation in Paradise and learn to live PAIN-FREE, reclaiming your personal power and freedom!


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Peru Sacred Medicine Retreat

July 14-23, 2017:  10 Days to FALL in LOVE with YOURSELF

Have you ever wished to know yourself to your deepest core and face all your darkest fears?  Be embraced by the magical land of the Sacred Valley in Peru.  You will be cared for completely while you experience 4 medicine journeys.  Optional 2 day trip to Machu Picchu.


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